From the Farm:

Good Earth meat and poultry is antibiotic, hormone and nitrate-free, humanely raised, fed a vegetarian diet, and organic where indicated.

From the Sea:

Good Earth only serves seafood from sustainable sources, harvested by methods that do not harm the oceans’ ecosystem.

From the Garden:

Good Earth serves seasonal, fresh, unprocessed produce, organic where indicated and locally sourced when possible.


In the Galleria


Everything we believe comes down to one thing: The more direct our connection to the planet, the better off we are.

That’s why we cook in harmony with the seasons. And why we’re fanatical about freshness and passionate about purity. It’s why we’re partial to local growers and organic suppliers; and anti-factory farming, hormones and antibiotics.

Responsibly grown ingredients, carefully handled and lovingly prepared, are better for our health. They’re better for the environment. And – more than anything else – they just taste better. Naturally.

Maybe that’s why counseled health-minded diners to come to the Good Earth for food that’s "so good, so natural, so close to the earth," writes, "that it doesn't need much augmentation."

Good Earth receives plenty of adulation, however. From the critics who praise the quality of our ingredients to the event planners who favor our delicious party platters, legions of loyal guests make Good Earth their first choice for hearty, healthy everyday eating.

Diner's Choice Award